Flowmate Wet Edge Extender by Urethane Coatings Polyurethane Specialists Since 1979

Flowmate Wet Edge Extender


Urethane Coatings Flowmate wet edge extender

Designed for addition to DUOTHANE, MONOTHANE GLOSS, SEMI GLOSS, SATIN and MATT to enhance flow characteristics.  Recommended for use in conditions of cold and heat, and or especially large areas where it is difficult to maintain a ‘wet edge’.

Suitable for use with:


  1. Recommended for use when coating in hot conditions especially very large areas where it is difficult to maintain a 'wet edge'.
  2. Recommended for use when coating in cold conditions when MONOTHNANE and DUOTHANE become thicker and the self levelling chacteristics are reduced.  The addition of FLOWMATE will improve flow, assisting self levelling and reduce the potential for an ’orange peel’ effect when drying.

Add up to 100mls per litre in MONOTHANE HS 50 GLOSS, MONOTHANE 45 GLOSS and MONOTHANE 44 GLOSS, and up to 50mls per litre in MONOTHANE SEMI-GLOSS, MONOTHANE SATIN and MONOTHANE MATT.

Contains 450gms per litre of Aromatic Hydrocarbons.


This product is best if used within 24 months from manufacture (refer to batch number), when stored in unopened containers under normal conditions of temperature and humidity.


If affected by inhalation of vapour, remove to fresh air. If breathing difficulty persists or occurs later, consult a doctor and have label ready. If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting. Give water or milk. CONTACT DOCTOR OR POSIONS INFORMATION CENTRE Australia 131126. In case of eye contact, flush immediately with water for fifteen minutes and call a doctor. In case of skin contact, remove contaminated clothing and wash skin first with Methylated spirits then with soap and water.