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Duothane Part A


Urethane Coatings Dothane Part AHigh Gloss 2 pack polyurethane.  DUOTHANE provides excellent flow and ‘bridging’ properties, and will cure overnight even under adverse conditions. i.e. can be ‘sanded to a powder’, and is resistant to scuffing in the crucial early stages of curing.


  1. May be used for interior coating of ALL timber species and particle board.
  2. Mix DUOTHANE FAST A with DUOTHANE PART B for a quick drying first coat.
  3. Mix DUOTHANE PART A with DUOTHANE PART B for a hard wearing top coat with excellent flow properties and resistance to U.V. light.
  4. May be applied over TIMBER SEAL.


New Floors:

Fine sand to a smooth finish (Not finer than #120 mesh). Hardwoods must not be burnished and grain must remain open. Vacuum thoroughly. Ensure the timber surface if free from dust, wax or oily substances.

Old Floors:

Clean with hot water and detergent .Roughen surface completely with 150 mesh screenback and vacuum thoroughly. Wipe floor with URETHANE COATINGS THINNERS. Test for compatibility by applying DUOTHANE on a small section of floor first. If 'craters' or 'fisheyes' appear, add 10mls of FLOWMAX Anti Rejection Fluid per litre of DUOTHANE and refer to FLOWMAX directions.


  1. Carefully measure and mix equal quantities of DUOTHANE PART A and DUOTHANE PART B and stir thoroughly.
  2. Apply with mohair roller, lambswool applicator or brush, allow 4-6 hours to dry. Do not return unused material to can. New cork and timber floors will need 3 and 2 coats respectively, sand with 150 grit screenback between coats.
  3. Thoroughly clean the mohair roller, lamb’s wool applicator or brush in URETHANE COATINGS CLEANING SOLVENT.  Dry all equipment before reusing.


10m² per litre. URETHANE COATINGS THINNERS may be added if DUOTHANE has thickened, or if a higher coverage and a thinner coat is required.


DUOTHANE requires 7-10 days to fully cure.  Avoid heavy traffic during this period.  Use protective pads under legs of furniture.

Regularly wipe over the floor with an antistatic mop or sweep with a soft bristle broom.  We caution against the use of vacuum cleaners, particularly if the bristles are worn as the cleaning head may then scratch the floor.  The frequency of cleaning is dependent on the level of traffic, amount of grit carried onto the floor, and activity of children, and pets etc.

To clean your floor, mix up to one cup of Methylated Spirits into a bucket of hot water, and mop the floor, regularly rinsing the mop.  If the floor is particularly dirty, wash first with a non abrasive detergent then clean with the Methylated spirits and water solution – this will prevent streaking and smear marks that sometimes remain after use of detergents and/or household cleaners.


This product is best if used within 12 months from manufacture (refer to batch number), when stored in unopened containers under normal conditions of temperature and humidity.


Usage of this material must be under well ventilated conditions to minimise inhalation of vapours.  Wear respirator with filters that conform with AS1716. Asthmatics, the very young, elderly people and pets should leave the site during the first 24 hours. Prevent skin contact by wearing impervious gloves. Breathing of vapour is harmful and may cause lung irritation and allergic respiratory reaction. May irritate skin and eyes. Keep container firmly lidded. In case of spillage, absorb into dry sand or dirt. Remove from work area and cover with water for 24 hours prior to disposal.


Contains 280gms per litre of Aromatic Hydrocarbons. This drum contains volatile and flammable solvents and when applying the contents adequate ventilation to the outside must be provided. All potential sources of ignition (open flames, pilot lights, furnaces, spark producing electrical switches, etc.) must be eliminated in or near the working area. DO NOT SMOKE. Keep drum closed when not in use.


If affected by inhalation of vapour, remove to fresh air. If breathing difficulty persists or occurs later, consult a doctor and have label ready. If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting. Give water or milk.


In case of eye contact, flush immediately with water for fifteen minutes and call a doctor. In case of skin contact, remove contaminated clothing and wash skin first with Methylated spirits, then with soap and water.