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Timber Stains


Urethane Coatings StainsTimber stains compatible with all Urethane Coatings timber finishes.

Available in;

Antique Brown (Japan Black), Black, Jarrah, Mahogany, Oak, Red, Teak Brown, Teak Gold, and Walnut.



Fine sand to a smooth finish. Hardwoods must not be burnished and grain must remain open. Vacuum thoroughly.



Traditional Method.;

Apply directly onto bare timber with a clean rag, wiping into grain and wiping off any excess.  Take particular care to apply a very even coat.  Allow 6-8 hours to dry then apply two coats of Polyurethane or allow a minimum of 12 hours to dry then apply two coats of MODIFIED OIL or TUNGSEAL.

Alternative Method.;

Apply with an applicator or roller, working into grain and wipe off any excess.  Take particular care to apply a very even coat.  Ensure any excess in joints is completely dry (if necessary extend drying times to those detailed above) before coating with Polyurethane or MODIFIED OIL/TUNGSEAL.

To reduce the strength of colour Urethane Coatings WOOD STAIN REDUCER/EXTENDER may be added at rates of up to 100mls per litre until the required dilution of colour is achieved.  Do not exceed a dilution ratio of 1:1.


12m² to 20m² per litre, subject to application method, generosity of application and type of timber.


  1. May be added to Monothane & Duothane at rates of 10mls per Litre until the required concentration of colour is achieved.  Commence with lesser addition rates to evaluate effect of colour.
  2. To extend working time add Flowmate Wet Edge Extender at rates of up to 100mls per litre of MONOTHANE or DUOTHANE. If used in final coat, (particularly MONOTHANE SEMI GLOSS, SATIN or MATT) do no exceed an addition rate of 5mls per litre.
  3. Do not mix more than 50mls per litre with, MODIFIED OIL GLOSS, MODIFIED OIL SATIN, or TUNGSEAL.
  4. Do not mix with Timberseal, or Duothane FAST A.


This product is best if used within 24 months from manufacture (refer to batch number), when stored in unopened containers under normal conditions of temperature and humidity.


Thoroughly clean all equipment in URETHANE COATINGS CLEANING SOLVENT.  Dry all equipment before reusing.


If affected by inhalation of vapour, remove to fresh air. If breathing difficulty persists or occurs later, consult a doctor and have label ready. If swallowed, give two glasses of water, induce vomiting. CONTACT DOCTOR OR POISONS INFORMATION CENTRE Australia 131126. In case of eye contact, flush immediately with water for fifteen minutes and call a doctor. In case of skin contact, remove contaminated clothing and wash skin first with Methylated spirits, then with soap and water.