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Waterkote 2K Satin


WaterKote 2K SATIN is a new generation 2 component water borne polyurethane finish, incorporating an extended open time that provides exceptional flow and levelling resulting in a polyurethane satin film offering extremely hardwearing and long lasting protection to flooring and parquetry of all timber species. Because water is used as the alternative carrier to solvent, URETHANE COATINGS mixed WaterKote 2K SATIN emits low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and is therefore user and environmentally friendly but this advanced technology retains all the durable and hard wearing benefits of solvent based polyurethane.


WaterKote 2K SATIN is used for coating and finishing all timber species, cork, and particle board on commercial and residential floors. WaterKote 2K SATIN can be applied over WaterKote SEALER, PURASEAL, TIMBERSEAL, MONOTHANE or DUOTHANE FAST A/DUOTHANE PART A and DUOTHANE PART B. WaterKote 2K SATIN is compatible with and/or may be mixed with, WaterKote 2K GLOSS, and WaterKote 2K MATT.