Safety Data Sheets

As manufacturers we rely on our suppliers, many of which are multinational corporations who carry out exhaustive testing on their products, to keep us up to date on the chemicals they supply.

There is no evidence to indicate that any of our products are carcinogenic. However, it is important to be aware that vapours from freshly curing floor coatings may affect the respiratory system and contact with some coatings may irritate the skin.

For these reasons we strongly advise the use of appropriate respirators and protective clothing when applying our products

Under normal conditions most coatings will cure to become ‘touch dry’ within four to six hours and during this period we recommend airflow is restricted to avoid air borne contamination of the freshly applied coat.

After becoming ‘touch dry’ to complete the curing process, we recommend Clients maximise ventilation by using both mechanical i.e. fans and heaters, and natural methods. Clients should also be encouraged to vacate the treated areas for at least 24 hours after coating to minimise their exposure to vapours.

People with respiratory problems should not re-enter treated areas until there is no evidence of vapours – usually 48 hours.